Villa Hiona on the island of Halki

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The Old Village “To Chorio”

The Chorio (“The Village”)

Make sure you visit the Old Village (Chorio) which is a 45 minute walk from the center (and you should do it early in the morning or around 5 or 6 pm because it can be quite hot). In the Chorio, there is the church of the Virgin Mary which is a steep climb, but nice to go up to. On the feast of the Virgin Mary (15th of August), there is a celebration on the night of the 14th with traditional Greek music- a must see. Ask someone how to get up there, by taxi or mini bus. You can also go on foot- it is around 45 minutes and very nice around 8pm.

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 The Castle:

Right above the church, there is the is the breathraking UNESCO protected 14th century castle/fortress built for the protection from the pirates. It is a steep climb, but worth it. Make sure you use shoes that have a good grip, as the stones have become very slippery from use.

The Village, the Church and the Castle right above.









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