What to see around Halki

When visiting Halki, there are many things to do aside from going to the beach. One can go to the Old Village “Chorio”, the Castle of the Knights of St. John “Kastro”, the 14th century UNESCO-protected Medieval Fortress,  the Monastery of Stl John “Alargas”, the Church museum of Agios Nikolaos and many others

The Castle built by the Knights of St. John

Right above the church, there is the is the breathtaking UNESCO protected 14th century castle/fortress built by the Knights of St. John for the protection from the pirates. It is built on the ancient Acropolis site in Halki. It is a steep climb, but worth it. Make sure you use shoes that have a good grip, as the stones have become very slippery from use. It has now been renovated and not only is it a wonderful walk, with a wonderful view, but a unique opportunity to be present in such a historical site.

The Chorio (“The Village”) and the Church of the Virgin Mary

Make sure you visit the Old Village (Chorio) which is a 45 minute walk from the center (and you should do it early in the morning or around 5 or 6 pm because it can be quite hot). In the Chorio, there is the church of the Virgin Mary which is a steep climb, but nice to go up to. On the feast of the Virgin Mary (15th of August), there is a celebration on the night of the 14th with traditional Greek music, which is worthwhile going to. Ask  how to get up there on foot or by taxi or mini bus. You can also go on foot and it is around 45 minutes and very nice around 8pm.