Get away from the hustle and bustle

Swimming at Ftenagia beach

Halki is a small island close to Rhodes, but so different in character. Once an island bustling with around 8000 people, an affluent sponge and fishing island and you can see this in the beautiful neo-classical buildings which since the 1980s have been slowly renovated, to produce the beautiful panorama around the harbour, Emborio.

Halki is a magical place. You may need to spend a few hours in getting there, but once you do, you may never want to leave. Slow pace, good food, friendly locals. Have coffee in the morning at the “PIATSA”, downtown Halki, that is, buy a “tyropita” from Dimitri’s bakery, greet the passers-by.

Swim in the crystal clear waters around the island. Go to Ftenagia beach with the tavern overlooking the cove, swim at Pondamos and eat at their lovely taverna. You can also go to another beautiful beach, Kania, with their lovely tavern. Relax, lead a simple, fulfilling holiday full of good food. Go to any of the wonderful restaurants in Halki and try the local specialties. The ultimate decompression, focusing only on what you need. We would love you to come back next year!


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Crystal clear waters in the harbour
Kania beach
May 2011 Halki 081
Grilled fish
Enjoying local specialities
Afternoon lunch by the water
May 2011 Halki 085
Halki harbour with fishing nets
Sunrise from Villa Hiona balcony
View of Halki at night from Villa Hiona balcony
Up at the 14th century castle
Monastery of Aghia Thekli and Pondamos beach in the distance
Agia Thekli Monastery facing Pondamos beach
The Old Village “Chorio””
May 2011 Halki 145
Monastery of St. John
View of the harbour
Harbour at night from Villa Hiona
View over the harbour
Halki harbour at sundown
Halki Nightlife small
Walking through the “Piatsa”at night