Villa Hiona, Halki Island, Greece

Villa Hiona, the twin burnt-orange and blue house is a the fourth house on the right, as one enters the harbour

Halki is a small island off the west coast of Rhodes, inhabited from the Ancient Greek times. In the early part of last century, Halki was a bustling island with around 8000 people, an affluent sponge and fishing island, with a lot of trade with surrounding islands but also countries in North Africa, names Egypt. This can be seen by looking at the beautiful neo-classical buildings that surround the harbour.

Halki is a magical place! You may need to spend a few hours in getting there, but once you do, you may never want to leave. Slow pace, good food, friendly locals and crystal-clear waters. Last but not least, no cars.

Swim in the crystal clear waters around the island. Go to the beautiful beaches of Ftenagia, Pondamos and Kania and eat at the taverns above these beaches. Relax, lead a simple, fulfilling holiday full of good food, serenity, hot sun and local traditions. Halki is the ultimate decompression, focusing only on what you need.

Villa Hiona is made up of two 250 year- old stone houses that are adjoined. They were the second houses to be built on the Halki harbour. Villa Hiona is situated in the elite location of the harbour called “Viglimia”. Viglimia is a beautifully quiet part on the right side of the island, as one looks at Halki from the sea. It offers a peaceful stay, with only the lapping noise of the sea but is also only a 5-minute walk to the center of the town, to the stores and and restaurants.

Halki in all its glory before the Second World War, was a bustling, wealthy fishing and sponge island. After many of its inhabitants left the island, it has, since the 1980s been slowly renovated, to produce the beautiful panorama around the harbour, Emborio.






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